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Use the resources below to check the latest uniform regulations for your branch of service. We also post the most recent award and decoration changes on our "What's New" page.

Some links are in PDF format. You must first download and install the FREE PDF Viewer Program from Adobe Software. Depending on your Internet connection speed, large regulation files may take several minutes to download before they can be viewed.

Resource Description USMC Home Page
MCO P1020.34F
Marine Corps Uniform Regulations.
MCO P10120.28F Marine Corps Individual Clothing Regulations. Air Force Home Page
AFI 36-2903 Dress & Personal Appearance of AF Personnel
AFI 36-2803 The AF Awards and Decorations Program Navy Home Page
NAVPERS 15665I U.S. Navy Uniform Regulations.
SECNAVINST 1650.1F Navy and Marine Corps Awards Manual. Army Home Page
AR 670-1 Wear & Appearance of AR Uniforms & Insignia Coast Guard Home Page
COMDINST M1650.25B CG Medals and Awards Manual
COMDINST M1650.25B Ch.1 Ch.1 To CG Medals & Awards Manual,COMDINST M1650.25B
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Award Updates...
You'll find the latest UPATES for your awards and decoratons HERE.

Contact your personnel office for a complete list of decoration and award updates.


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