NATO Non-article 5 for the Balkans




For U.S. forces, eligibility for the Non-Article 5 Medal for the Balkans remains the same as those previous NATO medals with the exception of the dates of service. Those members entering the Balkan theatre on or after 1 January 2003 will be eligible for the Non-Article 5 medal. The service must be 30 days either continuous or accumulated. Aircrew members will accumulate one day of service for the first sortie during any day of the operation. Additional sorties on the same day will receive no further credit. The Balkans area is delineated as the political boundaries and airspace of Bosnia and HerzegovinaCroatiaYugoslavia (including Kosovo), the Republic of North Macedonia, and Albania, based on the detailed description contained in the SFORKFOR, and Task Force Fox Operational Plans. 

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